All that you touch You Change.

All that you Change, Changes you.

The only lasting truth is Change.

God is Change.

- Octavia Butler




Empowering Beliefs

As a coach, I value:

Heart-to-Heart Connection

Social Change




As a coach I offer:

a belief that you are whole

a celebration of difference

a belief in your inherent resourcefulness

freedom to choose


What is coaching? Coaching is an opportunity to do some intentional self-reflection with support and encouragement from a dedicated guide. As a change coach, I invite you to look over your experiences, your gifts, your burdens and your choices, in a non-judgmental and a possibility-driven way. Coaching for change  is about embracing the discomfort and intense opportunity that change brings. I create a space where you are free (and challenged) to model and practice the change that you are seeking.


Coaching for justice! As a Black queer femme, and an intersectional feminist, I believe that our experiences do not take place in a vacuum. Instead, I support my clients in examining the contexts of their lives, and discovering the power of their agency. My coaching style leans into understandings of oppression that acknowledge barriers as well as emerging paths towards justice. I encourage my clients to boldly engage with their vision of total liberation, as they resist internalized oppression, and systemic pressure be the status-quo. Another self is possible, just like another world is possible.